We Love an Underdog


We’re currently running a Pineapple Pups Costume Contest ­– check the end of this blog post for details.

We love a good rags-to-riches story. Whether it’s the story of a real person, like Oprah Winfrey, or a fictional character, like Cinderella, narratives about perseverance against all odds are uniquely inspiring.

At Staypineapple, our favorite rags-to-riches stories are those where the scrappy underdog is an actual dog. Like the story of Mr. Winkle, the Pomeranian-Chihuahua cross that lived on the streets until he was adopted by a magazine photographer and became a celebrity, appearing in shows like Sex and the City. Or Maui, the pup that played loveable Murray from “Mad About You”, who was rescued from an animal shelter in California. Or (and this is one of our absolute favorite stories) Kat, a Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix, who was adopted from our local shelter, Seattle Humane, and is now a cherished therapy pet.

Kat’s story is particularly special to us partly because she’s a dog named Kat – which is irresistible – but also because we played a small part in her story. Staypineapple has donated over $1 million in goods and services to Seattle Humane over the years to help ensure that stories like Kat’s are possible.

We have also sponsored fundraising events, put in hundreds of volunteer hours, and donated funds for animal rescue operations throughout the country to help protect the welfare of all animals. Earlier this year, our CEO and President Michelle Barnet served as a VIP chairperson for Seattle Humane’s 2017 Tuxes & Tails event, which raised $1.8 million and dedicated $939,000 to specialty care for pets who are considered unadoptable at most shelters.

This Saturday, October 7, Barnet and the Seattle team of Pineapple People will be participating in “Glow in the Park: Seattle Humane’s Walk For The Animals”. Along with hundreds of other pet lovers, they will walk around Green Lake in glowing gear and help fundraise for all the animals at Seattle Humane.

To us, the work we do to support animal rescue organizations is a natural extension of the pet-friendly policy we have in all our hotels. We love to meet and take care of the pets that come to stay with us, and it is impossible not to extend our love of pets and commitment to their welfare to as many animals as we can.

Animal welfare is so integral to our company that even our Pineapple mascot, Dash, is dedicated to supporting rescue organizations. Dash ­is a 10” plush husky modelled on Barnet’s best friend, a real husky by the same name. He is available for adoption through any of our hotels or from our online store, and part of his adoption fee is donated to animal rescue organizations. Dash is playful, and loving, and even has his own Instagram page where he gives insider travel tips, advocates for animal welfare, and posts pictures of other Pineapple Pups.

Recently on his Instagram, Dash announced a Pineapple Pups Costume contest. The winner of the contest will receive a two-night stay at any Staypineapple hotel with their own furry friend. Runner-up contestants will receive Pineapple Gold gift certificates, which can be used at Staypineapple’s retail store. To enter the contest, post a photo of your pup in costume, use both @Staypineapple and #Staypineapple in your post, and follow Staypineapple on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram before midnight on Halloween. Contest ends at midnight on 10/31/2017.

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