Spooky Pineapple: Halloween adventures near your Staypineapple hotel

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You know that feeling.  That shiver that rolls all the way up your spine and makes you sit straight up. That cool breeze on the back of your neck that makes your hair stand on end. That feeling that you hide under the covers from, but peek over the sheets looking for more…it only gets better at Halloween.

We can guarantee you none of our Staypineapple hotels are haunted. Of course, once you’ve scared yourself silly at one of these tours (or that beagle party), we won’t judge if you still want to sleep with the lights on.  

Portland – Portland Walking Tours Beyond Bizarre Ghost Tour

Seek out a ghost named Nina on this tour into the tunnels below Old Town Pizza. This tour goes to other known ghostly places and advance ticket purchasers get to wield a ghost detecting electromagnetic field meter during the tour. There is an all ages-tour at 6pm and an adults-only version at 9pm every night until November 1st.   

Chicago – House of Torment Haunted Houses

In the words of one reviewer on Google, “The actors scared me so bad I pulled my shoulder muscle a little lol.” While there’s no age limit for the haunted houses, they don’t recommend it for small children, toddlers, babies, or pregnant women. Take that how you will.

San Diego – Gaslamp Foundation Ghosts of the Gaslamp Walking Tour

StayPineapple’s Hotel Z is located in San Diego’s Gaslamp Quarter, and there couldn’t be a more fitting place to spend Halloween. On the Gaslamp Foundation’s Ghosts of the Gaslamp Walking Tour – held every Friday at 5pm – historian Sandy Wilhoit will guide you through the ghostly happenings at local hotels, saloons, a funeral parlor, and the Davis-Horton House. The tour is all-ages, and free for anyone under 7.

Interested in finding out more about the Gaslamp Quarter? We have a whole separate blog post packed with information.

San Francisco – San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour

According to local legend, underneath San Francisco’s Chinatown is a vast and winding labyrinth of tunnels that were used to hide illegal activity until they were sealed by debris during the 1906 earthquake. We don’t know if the story is true, but we bet the guides on this San Francisco Chinatown Ghost Walking Tour will be able to tell you. The tours start at 7.30pm and children under 8 can join for free.

Seattle – Nightmare at Beaver Lake

If a ¾ mile hike through the woods at night doesn’t sound scary enough already, why not add some clowns and monsters into the mix? Nightmare at Beaver Lake is a family-friendly experience, although they don’t recommend it for children under 10.

Of course, if creepy clowns in the woods at night are above your scare threshold, you could always head to Seattle Beagle Rescue’s Howloween beagle party instead.

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