Let Staypineapple Surprise and Delight You During the Holidays


Something we hope for with every guest who stays with us is that they have moments of surprise and delight. This might happen through excellent customer service, yummy cupcakes, or a unique art piece that intrigues them.

This holiday season, we’re taking surprise and delight to the next level by delivering a one-two pineapple punch that’s sure to make any trip better.

First up – delight! To add an element of ease to their stay, those who take advantage of this seasonal offer (you, maybe?) will get to choose from one of these gifts when booking:

Overnight Parking for Your Entire Stay


Car rental? No thanks! Early morning parking ticket? Definitely not. Life is just easier when you have your own car to propel your adventures.




A plush doggie bed, treats, water bowl, and waste dispenser with bags will all be in the room, ready to surprise your furry friend. Of course, Dash will be there too!


Late Check-out


Stay in bed all morning while streaming your favorite series. Catch that brunch spot you missed yesterday. The city is your pineapple with late check-out!


Cozy Staypineapple Robe


Wrap yourself in plush pineapple threads whenever you want. Just don’t forget to leave enough room in your suitcase to pack your new robe (the slippers are always free)!

If that isn’t enough, we’ll have an additional surprise when you arrive to bring it all full-circle, or, full surprise & delight.

Yeah, that sounds better.

This seasonal offer will be available for a limited time. Make your reservations before December 31st. Book this offer online now.

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