Pineapple Places: The Top 3 Things To Do In San Francisco

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Many times when we visit a city for the first time or the 3rd time, we stick to the basic tourist attractions. The most popular attractions are checked off our list, leaving us little time to explore the hidden gems in each city. San Francisco is home to many unique spots, even people who have lived in the city for years continue to uncover unknown spots! We wanted to highlight some of our favorite unknown “Pineapple” things to see or do in every city, and we’ll start with the always interesting west coast California city.

Eat Your Way Through the Best Unknown Spots

We chatted with our staff at The Alise San Francisco and when asked, “What are your favorite spots or things to do in San Francisco?” everyone had at least one food answer. It’s obvious, San Francisco is a city of great food, but do you know about these Pineapple insider food spots. Here is our quick ultimate San Francisco Pineapple food recommendations:

Lower Nob Hill/Polk Gulch:

  • Mr. Holmes Bakehouse - birthplace of the beloved, Instagram-famous, muffin-croissant hybrid: ”The Cruffin.”
  • The Saratoga - for late night grub (think after 10pm) visit “A highbrow, New American eatery” housed within a gorgeous, rough-hewn, turn of the century building.


  • Gracias Madre -  a great vegan restaurant raved about by non vegans!
  • Craftsman and Wolves - a unique patisserie that offers an egg filled muffin called the rebel muffin, and other interesting sweets.  

Sunset District:

  • San Tung - many proclaim they have the best chicken wings in the universe.
  • Thanh Long - definitely get the roasted crab!

Uptown Oakland:

The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

Now that your bellies are full, you’ll need a walk to work off the delicious food. Take a brisk walk up the steps at Telegraph Hill or stroll down to view the fragrant flower gardens and spot some of the colorful blooms.

In the early 1990s an escaped pair of cherry-headed conures (bright beautiful parrot species with scientific name Aratinga erythrogenys), began the now over 300 flock of conures on Telegraph Hill. The flock now has a mix of cherry-headed conures, mitred conures with half-red half-green heads, blue-crowned conures and mixes of all of these! Telegraph Hill provides the perfect urban lush jungle habitat for these birds to thrive.

The best way to spot the parrots is to listen for their rather loud chatter. The cherry-headed conures are actually native to Peru and many conservation associations and neighborhood groups have argued over their existence in San Francisco. Even without a view of parrots, marching to the top of Telegraph Hill provides you a beautiful panoramic view of San Francisco.

Get On Skates at The Church of 8 Wheels

San Francisco is known for its eclectic mix of people that create vibrant businesses throughout the city. If you’re looking for an authentic San Francisco experience, strap on your 80s leggings and head to The Church of 8 Wheels! This former church, turned into a skating rink by one of San Francisco’s residents is sure to bring a smile to your face. Dash had the opportunity to visit the Church, with wings on and all. Get an up close look in the video:


We love exploring the cities our hotels are in to have the firsthand knowledge of all local experiences. That way we can help you plan your trip or find a last minute venture that will become the highlight of your stay with us. Depending on what you’re looking for from outdoor adventures to the classiest nightclubs we’re happy to share our experiences to enhance yours!

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