The 4 Must-Do Pineapple Recipes for Thanksgiving

It’s almost Thanksgiving, don’t ya know?

Well, if you’ve missed all the key signs (commercials with a color tone of orange, Xmas decorations already going up, relatives arriving at your house unannounced) then we’re happy to share a few of our favorite pineapple recipes to help ease your surprise. And in case you need even more help, we’re throwing  in a holiday discount for that unexpected company that “can’t even” sleep on a sofa.

Like last year’s Turkey Day suggestions, we’ve found a delicious pineapple solution for each part of the Thanksgiving experience, so whether you’re responsible for the whole menu or just a few items, there’s something for every part of the day.

With that, we’ll turn it over to the recipes!


This pineapple-based concoction will not only prick at your guests’ tastebuds, but also supply them with a key chunk of healthy Vitamin-C on a late November day. We suggest quadrupling the portions and storing it in a pitcher for a more efficient serving experience.



This author personally couldn’t stomach sweet potatoes until going past the age of 25, but can’t get enough of them now. If this pineapple sweet potato dish from Dole ends up anywhere near me on Thursday, it’s going to be a multiple scoop situation.

Pineapple Sweet Potato Casarole_9997.jpg


This pineapple glaze recipe is a perfectly subtle way to introduce pineapple flavors to the main show without offending anyone. The cinnamon spiced glaze is to be only applied when the turkey is ready to hit the table, offering accents of pineapple flavor instead of being the main show, giving those who want a prominent turkey flavor what they’re looking for while others get to smartly discuss the soft notes of citrus and spice.



After a brisk post-dinner walk, this classic pineapple upside cake from Betty Crocker carries the perfect balance of sweetness to not be confrontational with your cup of (decaf?) coffee. It tastes great, is visually fun, and will give you and your partners in nap just enough energy to make it home before the deep sleep settles in.

Again, we hope everyone out there has an amazing Thanksgiving. If you happen to make all four of these recipes, please let us know! We’d love to hear how all or some went over with your dinner-mates.

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