Guess Where Dash is to Win Two Round-Trip tickets and a Three-Night Stay at Our New Hotel!

It’s not too late to participate in our WHERE’S DASH CONTEST and win two round-trip tickets on Alaska Air and a three night stay at our new hotel!

Dash has been on the road for a few days now, and has sent back some intriguing photos from his adventures. Within each photo is a subtle clue of where he might be.

First, he went to the airport where he met a fellow K-9 who’s from his destination. After landing, he was hungry and enjoyed the city’s signature sandwich. To end the week, he visited the city’s famous baseball stadium that’s known for something green and scary.

Think you know where he is? Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and answer in the comment section of each post! Just because you might be getting in on the fun late, doesn’t mean you can’t answer in each of the clues.

Dash is going to keep sending photos until February 27th, so stay tuned!

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