Staypineapple bikes make seeing a city as easy as a few pedals

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Spring is a great time to get outside and stretch your legs. Especially, if that takes the form of cruising on a bicycle, and even more so if you’re cycling in a new city.

There are literally millions of articles exploring the reasons of why riding a bike in a foreign place is one of the best ways to experience exciting new environments, but today we offer one on how to do it Staypineapple Style.


Our bright yellow Sole’ cruisers sport comfy seats and a few gears so hopefully you don’t have to push your bike up a hill. After all, two cities where we have hotels are notoriously hilly (Seattle, San Francisco), so to not have bikes with gears would create an experience not consistent with a certain level of comfort that we try to provide whether you’re in bed or a bike saddle. Want to protect your cranium? Don’t worry, each bike comes with a helmet and lock so you can ride with confidence and lock it up when taking a break.    


When choosing the locations of our hotels, being close to a city’s popular attractions and sites is priority #1. If you can’t easily walk or take public transportation to a famous locale, a couple strong pushes in first gear will get you there in no time. For example, here are a some renowned sites in Staypineapple cities, and the estimated ride time from our hotels according to Google.

Seattle - Pike Place Market - 12 minutes (The Maxwell)

Portland - Moda Center - 11 minutes (Hotel Rose)

San Francisco - Golden Gate Bridge - 32 minutes (The Alise San Francisco)

San Diego - Balboa Park - 13 minutes (Hotel Z)

Chicago - Wrigley Field - 30 minutes (The Alise Chicago)

Boston - Start of Freedom Trail - 11 minutes (The Alise Boston)

The longest option on that list is 32 minutes to the Golden Gate Bridge, and arguably that’s the most scenic trip on the list (and one we know guests have accomplished many a visit).


Having bikes isn’t exactly a new idea for hotels or even an amenity that we’re just now offering. This spring, we just wanted to call them out for the good time that they are. Guests have been enjoying the wind in their hair on our cruisers for years now, and posting all about it! From breweries to parks to beaches (even in Seattle) to the aforementioned Golden Gate Bridge, our yellow bikes have been featured along with plenty of smiles all over the country!

They really do shine, don’t they?

We hope to see you soon and if you’re coming, keep our city cruisers in mind. They are the perfect way to explore our great American cities, get some exercise, and then tiredly fall into our European style double duvets at the end of the day for a well earned deep, deep sleep.

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