Get Creative with Our Door Hanger & Win 2 Nights at Staypineapple!

It’s pretty clear we try to have a little fun at Staypineapple.


One of the ways this is most visible (and most posted about) are our door hangers. The two-sided declaration of “I’m dressed / I’m naked” has struck a chord with our guests. To be fair, it is a very simple way to let our hotel staff know if you’re decent, robed, or stark naked.

The path from our original door hangers to the current iteration was one of self reflection as a company that also had to balance basic logistics. According to Staypineapple’s marketing director and longtime Staypineapple employee, Della-Rae Carriere:

“Our original door hangers were designed to fit in the key-card slot for each door, but once The Alise Chicago opened, we knew we wanted to compliment the tradition of the Burnham building by providing guests with traditional metal keys to access their rooms. That meant creating a new door hanger that would work across all our properties.”

door tags.JPG

Back at the drawing board, the Staypineapple team used the brand’s playful voice to source ideas. Eventually, a two-sided design with bold colors and even bolder copy came out of the design process.

Three years later, our playful door hangers continue to provide smiles and are a popular subject for guest’s Instagram feeds.

In this month’s Alaska Airlines Magazine we transformed our door hangers into an interactive ad that readers can rip, cut, and post for a chance to win two complimentary nights at any of our locations!

Not flying on Alaska this month and want to participate? You can!

  1. Print off the image below

  2. Cut the door hangers out

  3. Get creative

  4. Post your “scene” on your preferred social network with the hashtag #staypineapple

  5. Follow Staypineapple on either Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter

At the end of the month, we’ll choose our favorite and announce the winner on all of our social channels.

So get those scissors, and enjoy getting creative with your very own Staypineapple door hanger!

Staypineapple Door Hanger.jpg

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