Mid-Year Review: Your Top Staypineapple Stories From 2018 so Far


2018 has been an amazing blur with all sorts of events and accomplishments happening across the Staypineapple universe. To make sure we’re taking it all in, we wanted to put together a little review of the first six months.



To highlight all that goes into The Naked Experience (European style double duvets, incredibly soft bedding, soft, fluffy towels and cozy robes) we created a video at one of our Seattle locations, The Maxwell Hotel. The shoot was a ton of fun with choreography being created on the spot and Yuka, the talented husky, completely stealing the show.



Dash said he was ready to take his first flight alone, so we sent him to explore our newest city, Boston. He was tasked with exploring some of Boston’s finest attractions, and sending photos back of his adventures. We think he has a future as a travel blogger.



It takes a lot to pineapple-ize a property to our liking. The process is still currently happening at The Alise Boston, but to get our newest hotel in Naked Experience-shape it needed some major upgrades. This meant new flooring, beds, and everything else that goes into the in-room experience we try to give to guests. If you’d like to see updates on our progress, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram!



Coming from a large family of pineapples, we love it when friends and family travel with one another. To celebrate such occasions, we asked our community to share photos of their “pack”, and the photos were amazing! 



The new Pineapple Bistro & Bar opened in our downtown Seattle location, Hotel FIVE. Complete with tasty food and drink, popular board games, a 75” television, and shuffleboard, the new space truly caters to all who come through Hotel FIVE’s doors.



June was full of fun between our Staypineapple Drink Contest and National Pineapple Day. We received plenty of tasty entrants, and were delighted to crown Gig Harbor based Heritage Distilling the winner of the drink contest with their tasty concoction that features their own brown sugar bourbon! You’ll be able to find this delicious drink soon enough in each of our bars under the name “The Naked Experience”.

So far, it’s been pretty great to be a pineapple in 2018. Moving ahead through the rest of the year, we already know about some upcoming big news (maybe a new hotel?) and are excited to take on all the unknowns as well!

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