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Even if you’re not a Top Chef expert, you’ve probably heard of James Beard. Arguably one of America's preeminent foodie culture icons next to Julia Child, Beard was born in Portland, Oregon, trained to be a stage performer early in life, but eventually found his calling as a chef in New York City. Earning a James Beard Award is one of the highest accolades a chef can receive in America. According to Julia Child:

“Beard was the quintessential American cook. Well-educated and well-traveled during his eighty-two years, he was familiar with many cuisines but he remained fundamentally American...he loved people, loved his work, loved gossip, loved to eat, loved a good time.”

As part of James Beard Eats Week that will culminate in this year’s James Beard award winners being announced on May 6th, Atwood restaurant, located in Staypineapple Chicago, is proud to be serving a limited run of Chicken with Tarragon - one of Beard’s favorite meals ($22).

Known as Poulet a L'Estragon in French, this simple, classic home-style dish was a go-to because it featured his favorite herb, tarragon. According to Beard, it's "the best chicken ever had."


Atwood has taken that perfectly prepped chicken and paired it with Beard's Brussels Sprouts and bacon to make a full well-rounded dish.

Accompanying the Poulet a L’Estragon on the specials menu will be famous dishes from James Beard Award nominated and winning chefs that include:


Cochinita Pibil Tostada - Rick Bayless - Topolobombo / Frontera Grill - Chicago



Poulet a L'Estragon - Chicken with Tarragon - James Beard



Barley Salad - Charleen Badman - FnB – Scottsdale


Pan-Seared Ribeye with Chili-Gorgonzola Butter - Curtis Stone - Maude / Gwen - Los




Honey Walnut Bars - Mindy Segal - Hot Chocolate - Chicago


These specials will only be available at Atwood April 29th - May 6th, so make your reservation now!

Bon appetit!

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