Our Signature Pineapple Hospitality At Every Hotel: We Call It Pineapple-izing!

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No matter what Staypineapple hotel you choose, you're getting the recognizable Staypineapple hospitality experience. From The Naked Experience to interacting with a positive Pineapple team, we work from the ground up to Pineapple-ize our hotels. Each one of a kind hotel also has key components throughout that embody the “breath of fresh air” Pineapple experience. So, how do we Pineapple-ize our hotels? Enter, the Squad.

The Squad

Each Pinaepple-izing hotel project interweaves a wide range of people including on site team members, vendors, and most important, “The Squad.” This core group of the Pineapple team, organizes the overall Pineapple-izing projects. In our most recent hotel transition, the Squad led the charge to turn the former Hotel Burnham into The Alise Chicago, while preserving the building’s rich history.

The Alise Chicago resides in the Reliance Building, a historic building in downtown Chicago. Architects, Burnham and Root originally designed the Reliance Building and built the base in 1890, and Charles Atwood completed the building in 1895. Maintaining the beautiful historic architectural integrity was paramount when Pineapple-izing The Alise Chicago. In six weeks, while keeping the doors open to guests, the team brightened the hotel and brought in Staypineapple amenities while maintaining the charm of the Reliance Building, such as the seasoned original marble stairs.

Actualize The Naked Experience

One of the main amenities added to Pineapple-ize each property, is The Naked Experience. The Naked Experience provides our guests with an uninhibited feeling to live in their hotel room as if they were at home. With snuggle worthy European style duvets, Simmons Beautyrest mattresses, cozy pillows, fluffy towels, comfy robes, and slippers to keep your toes warm, some parts are easier to bring in than others.

Ordering, delivering and placing over 150 mattresses, new linens, 120 Keurig coffee makers, hundreds of coffee mugs, our signature door signs, and more, can be quite a challenge. The entire Pineapple team made it happen, while remaining open for our guests. But, before the new mattresses go in, the old mattresses must come out, doubling the work load! You may be wondering what happens with these old mattresses and linens? Our team finds local shelters and animal shelters to donate items rather than discard, when possible. The Alise Chicago Pineapple team donated all old materials to various shelters in the most recent hotel transition.

The Staypineapple Hospitality Spirit

The Squad trains the on-site team on "All Things Pineapple" emanating the Staypineapple hospitality spirit. From making sure each Keurig has coffee pods ready for guests, environmentally friendly Tommy Bahama bath products are fully loaded, to learning how to fold and launder individual duvets, working with the new team is vital to pulling off a successful transition. Team members train on Staypineapple’s operating system to efficiently check in and care for guests. The Squad goes over every detail. Such as, who’s going to make the daily cupcakes?!

Staypineapple Art Ambiance

The final Pineapple-ized hotel showcases a tasteful splash of our signature pineapple yellow color, and original commissioned artwork. For The Alise Chicago, several unique art pieces can be found around the hotel. Here are a few to keep an eye out for:
Brian Rubino, a glass artist, created a whimsical pineapple sculpture to welcome guests into the hotel. Brian brought the work to life with bold colored birds, butterflies and bumble bees that explore the glass pineapple design.
Zee Haag used various gemstones to create a beautiful large flower design that brightens the space in between the front desk and the Atwood restaurant.
Jeremy Mason McGraw captured aerial photographs of The Alise Chicago and transformed them into stunning painted art pieces that will soon adorn hotel rooms.

These are just a few of the original artworks commissioned for Staypineapple Hotels. We have a passion for commissioning unique artwork for our hotel properties to enhance each space for every guests. Stay tuned for one of our next blogs on Staypineapple Art and for now, check out all the art photos on#StaypineappleArt.

Each hotel transforms into the completed Pineapple-ized project in a few weeks. On the other hand, we are never done. We continue to explore ways to let our pineapple cores stand a bit taller, and always remain sweet on the inside.

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