Staypineapple Art: Our Unique Take On Hotel Art

The bright bold paint on the exterior of Hotel Z.

The bright bold paint on the exterior of Hotel Z.

The first thing many people do before booking a stay at a Staypineapple hotel, is browse online to get a feel for the specific hotel itself. Even after viewing photos, nothing compares to experiencing one of our hotels in person. This unrivaled Staypineapple experience has a lot to do with the ambience created by carefully curated and commissioned unique pieces of hotel art.

Staypineapple Art Is An Experience

As you walk down Sixth Street in San Diego, the bold bright paint on the outside of Hotel Z sets the tempo for a colorful experience as you walk through the doors. In the same way, enter The Alise Chicago and take a breath of fresh air at the open space and large windows in the Atwood restaurant on one side, and a colorful art piece made of gemstones by Zee Haag on the interior wall. The doors into The Maxwell Hotel open, and at every glance there is wow worthy art: distinct furniture, a living Botanical Design art wall, and a large painted mural by Victor Ostrovksy.

We capture unique artistic perspectives to enhance each guest’s stay through Staypineapple Art. From hands on playful art pieces in an elevator to a giant crocheted pineapple, there’s a hotel art piece for everyone.

Elevator Hotel Art

Step into the two elevators at The Maxwell Hotel in Seattle, and forget about staring at the ceiling in boredom, get your hands on interactive art by Karen Earl. In one elevator turn the large bold spinning wood words and pictures to leave a message for the next guest. While on your next elevator ride, challenge yourself to solve the large sliding picture puzzle before the doors open. After a few times in these elevators, every elevator you enter will seem like it needs Staypineapple Art!

Crochet Pineapple Art

To celebrate the opening of The Alise Chicago, we wanted to do something big... and we went with Giant hotel art. We worked with crochet artist, Gina Rose Gallina who created an almost 10-foot-tall blinged-out crocheted pineapple. The immense intricate work took Gina three months to create and almost eight miles of yarn. That's a lot of yarn, especially since that's just for the Giant Pineapple!

After unveiling the Giant Pineapple showstopper at The Alise Chicago opening, the pineapple crochet art grew even larger. The Giant Pineapple embarked on a Staypineapple hotel tour and it’s first stop was The Alise San Francisco. At the second hotel debut, Gina added adorable individual small crochet pineapples that represent the entire Staypineapple Hotel family. Maybe the crochet art will be bigger than a hotel by the time it's done

Get to know the crochet queen, and see the making of the Giant Pineapple in this fun video:

There are many unique artists whose work engages, enlightens and enhances our hotels. And to be honest, we love exploring and pushing the boundaries at the intersection of hospitality and art. Follow our Staypineapple Art adventure because there’s always more art on the way. Next up: Soon, The Alise San Francisco will be emblazoned with our biggest art piece yet! And another coming soon project: The Alise Chicago is installing in room art that required a helicopter to create!

We will continue to go Giant with #StaypineappleArt.

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