Year in Review: Staypineapple 2017 Moments

At Staypineapple, we know we’re lucky because we have amazing guests that stay with us everyday. How do we know this? Loads of physical evidence!

Specifically, via our Instagram feed. Whenever anyone uses the hashtag #staypineapple, we get glimpses of how they’re enjoying their stay whether wearing robes, lounging in bed, or exploring the city on our complimentary cruisers. Sometimes, people just randomly tag us when they see something that reminds them of our hotels, especially pineapples!

We love it all and wanted to share some of our favorite #staypineapple moments. Thank you to all our Staypineapple guests for a great 2017!  We hope you enjoy this recap as much as we do!



If you’re going to spend time in the #PNW (Pacific Northwest) during the winter months, you can’t be afraid of the outdoors. It’s why REI is practically its own religion in the upper left region of the United States. But frankly, in Seattle and Portland, things rarely get too cold, making a little city exploration more a matter of can-do attitude than a lack of opportunity due to inclement weather.

That’s why we loved it when @hair_byash and crew hit the streets of The Rose City on our yellow beach cruisers in January, fitting in perfectly to the dedicated Portland bike scene - leather jackets included!



One thing that gives us joy and surprises many of our guests are the social media screens in our hotels that feature #staypineapple posts from Twitter and Instagram. @thesnoogster executed a perfect post within a post when snapping a selfie about her gram hanging out in bed with Dash, which would then also be posted on the screen. It’s all very meta.


The Alise Chicago was thrilled to show off our ten foot tall crocheted pineapple (background right) during their grand opening event. This drew fans from all around, like crochet-clothed Sparky (front and center). @ginarosega captured both in all their glory on a cool Chicago day in March.



Our furry friend Dash was more than happy to repost this gem from @ralimanolova who wanted to spend a lazy Sunday with him. Dash was adopted many times over this year, helping animal rescue organizations in their mission to better cats’ and dogs’ lives with donations via his adoption fee. He continues to be a wonderful representation of the Staypineapple spirit!



Outdoor May weddings can be risky in the Northwest, but @dancewithck caught the perfect shot from Ash and Joseph’s wedding that went off perfectly with beautiful blue skies and even more elegant attire outside of Portland at the Leach Botanical Gardens. We loved hosting them at Hotel Rose, and their wonderful fairy-themed outfits brought many smiles to our staff and other guests.



Probably half of #staypineapple posts take place in our rooms. It makes sense. People love our robes, Dash, wrapping up in the duvets, and showing off the “Sleep with Me” pillow. Why this photo from @bottleslanger stands out is hopefully pretty obvious - we know Portland can be rainy at times, but you’re inside man!



@roebot may have taken the most San Diego-y shot of San Diego in front of Hotel Z. We love the scooter and the summery feel. Ever since the purchase, remodel, and rebranding of Hotel Z into a Staypineapple property, we can’t get enough of our awesome staff, the Gaslamp Quarter neighborhood, and all the great guests who come stay with us to lap up the #SOCAL sun.



Because we’re the most dog-friendly hotel around, @missdixiethedog wasn’t afraid to pull up a chair and try to order one of our Big-Ass Cocktails in The Alise San Francisco. She’s only 2 though, making her 14 in dog years - so not of drinking age in California quite yet! Come back in a couple years Miss Dixie and we’ll get you that cocktail to go along with your doggie bed and snacks.



Pineapple yellow and full of caffeine - @constanceturman gets it.

“But first, coffee” didn’t become one of our major slogans on accident - it’s because we understand coffee to be the elixir that propels us through this thing called life. Okay, maybe we drank one too many triple shots before writing this, but tell us we’re wrong!



We had an unbelievable amount of creative entries into our Pineapple Pup Halloween Costume Contest. There were all sorts of different dogs with all sorts of different costumes from traditional choices to of course, pineapple-themed outfits. This entry from @akangaru didn’t win the final prize, but it certainly was the top owner + pet combo entry with its Stranger Things character representations of Eleven, her favorite snack, Eggos, and a not-evil-looking-at-all doggie demogorgon / house plant.   



We love hosting all sorts of celebrations whether it’s anniversaries, wedding parties, or birthdays (or really anything else one might want to celebrate). Mom-of-the-year @sarahelizabethshiner took us up on our forte’ when she treated her daughter to a classy 16th birthday at The Alise Chicago in November. Martinelli's and robes forever!



Between the Alise San Francisco’s lightly holiday decorated lobby and @brunetteonthemap’s lovely floral print dress, the two perfectly combined for a festive December choice. We were taken with some of her hashtags that truly match the Staypineapple spirit as well, notably #girlswhotravel, #neverystopexploring, #wander, and #wearetravelgirls. Keep on keeping on, @brunetteonthemap!


In 2018, we’re looking to continue the fun with even more great pics from our guests, run back our Halloween Pup Costume Contest, and have fun with a few other social media contests we can’t quite talk about yet. So stay tuned, stay engaged, and #staypineapple!


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