Celebrate #BookDirect Day with Staypineapple’s New Surprising & Delightful Offer!


In honor of #BookDirect day on February 7th, we’re excited to announce our latest special offer that you can only get by, you guessed it, booking direct at staypineapple.com!

After hooking guests up with 214 robes, hundreds of hours of free parking, and dozens of waived pet fees and guilt-free late checkouts with our Surprising & Delightful offer through the holiday season, we just couldn’t let the curtain fall on our giving state of mind as we move further into 2018.

Starting this month, when you book our Surprising & Delightful offer, you’ll receive a $25 e-gift card from Tango a couple days before your arrival date that you can redeem at one of your favorite retailers or restaurants. It’s just little extra love from Staypineapple that will help you take your trip to the next level.

Not familiar with Tango Card? It’s a great online hub that helps people send love digitally, most commonly through e-gift cards for popular brands like Starbucks, Amazon, and Nike to name a few. By partnering with them, we again are able to give our guests a delightful bonus that they can take advantage of during their stay. And this time you have even more choices!

So book your next trip with us right now (or before March 15th), and get the reward you deserve for being organized and planning ahead. It’s like that classic saying: the early pineapple gets the green.

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