10 Dog-Friendly Activities in Portland

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Are you looking to visit Portland, Oregon with your favorite furry friend? Taking dog-friendly holidays are a great way to include your pet and not have to leave them alone at home, or have to put them in a kennel.

In dog-friendly Portland, you and your furry friend can easily find a fantastic hotel that will accommodate both of your needs.

So, now that you have your arrangements all sorted out, what sort of activities can you and your dog do in Portland? Well, look no further and check out our dog-friendly activities list below.

1. Council Crest Park

Council Crest Park is just one of the many parks that are dog-friendly and give your dog plenty of room to run around, 43 acres to be exact, with a 2-acre area that is off-leash. You will need to bring your own water bowl and waste bags to help keep the park clean for all that use it.

2. Portland Saturday Market

Want to check out some delicious, fresh produce, baked goods, beautiful flowers, and some unique items? Visit the Portland Saturday Market, which is also open on Sunday, and bring along your leashed dog for the walk. Previous visitors love the fact that there are lots of shady areas and bowls of water for your dog to enjoy.

3. Forest Park Wildwood Trail

How about some exercise and great scenic views. This trail includes a 30-mile hike that is divided up into a variety of smaller paths so that each walk is unique. Make sure to keep your dog on a leash as it is strictly enforced.

4. Plum Hill Vineyards

Enjoy the taste of wine, but don’t want to leave little Fifi at home? Bring her along as you taste the variety of wines offered, and have her enjoy the fenced-in dog run or a spot on the patio with you. Water, treats, and waste bags are all provided.

5. Portland Food Cart Tour

Perhaps after tasting all that wine, you are a little hungry? Check out the food cart tour and get some great sustenance while you’re at it. This tour not only provides you with some yummy tasting opportunities, but you will also learn some interesting history about the Portland food carts and pods while you’re there. Just make sure that you keep your furry friend leashed during the tour.

6. Willamette Valley Scenic Bikeway

Want a tour that is a little more fast-paced for the both of you? This bikeway allows for you to ride by hop farms, vineyards, with the option to stop at restaurants, brew pubs, and campsites along the way. It is 132 miles long and open all year round.

7. Newberg Dog Park

Have a dog that is a little shy, or maybe one that is a little aggressive? Whatever their disposition is, you can feel good when you bring them to this park, it has two separate sections, one for the quieter, shy dog, and one for the more energetic dogs. Water is available as is a station to dispose of waste.

8. Lucky Labrador Beer Hall  

If beer is more your style, then be sure to check out this dog-friendly Portland beer-drinking establishment. There is lots of room for one or more dogs to sit outside with you while you enjoy a taste of beer (some are even named after dogs) along with some delicious food. There are four locations available across Portland, try one or try them all. Water is available for all pups that come along.

9. The Tin Shed

This is a favored dog-friendly eatery among the locals, known for their great breakfast foods, they serve large portions to all their clientele, even the dogs; they have biscuits for each furry visitor. They even have their very own dog menu, including Fido Food and Doggie Dessert.

10. The Portland International Rose Test Garden

Leashed dogs are welcome to roam the over 10,000 rose bushes that include around 650 varieties. If you and your furry friend want a more tranquil walk, then this is the perfect place for you. Partake in any of the daily tours of the 4.5 acres of land or simply enjoy a casual stroll and scenic views.

If you have a dog and want to take them with you on your holidays then dog-friendly Portland is like no other place. Locals will tell you this is the ideal city to live in if you are a hard-core, dog fanatic, so if you are considering a move, check out some great pet-friendly apartments to rent today.

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