Stuffing Your Duvet 101

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Are you a duvet owner? Struggle to get that dang comforter inside the cover?

It happens.

We here at Staypineapple own a few (thousand) duvets ourselves, and have learned some tricks over the years on how to wrangle them into submission. We've also had a few guests inquire how to do this themselves. One guest recently inspected our duvets inside and out for cleanliness, spoiler alert - it was spotless.

We don’t like secrets, so here are the basic steps of stuffing a duvet as recommended by a Staypineapple veteran:

  • Turn duvet cover inside-out.
  • Pinch corners of duvet to corners of the inside-out cover.
  • Flip and pull cover over duvet, and shake out.
  • Stuff bottom corners of duvet into the remaining pockets of the cover.

Or, you can just watch her do it in this video…

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