Win 3 Free Nights and Airfare to Our New Hotel!

Where's Dash Going Departures 3.jpg


These are the blogs we absolutely love to write - the one’s where we announce we’re opening a new hotel! But we can’t tell you where we’re growing a new pineapple...yet.

As with our other recent openings, we’re going to slowly reveal our new hotel’s location through a contest on social media!

So what’s the game this time?

Over the course of Aug 20th -23rd, we’re going to post one clue a day on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. Unlike our recent “Where’s Dash?” contest where every answer was “Boston”, each clue in this contest will have a different answer, narrowing down the location of our new hotel from which state it’s in all the way down to the neighborhood.

To win, you must answer each clue correctly, follow us on one of our social media channels, and then be randomly selected from the larger group of people who successfully answered all four clues. The winner will receive three free nights at our new hotel along with complimentary airfare.

Can’t wait to see you in the comments section and good luck!

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