How the Staypineapple Social Community Helped Win Us an Award


As we look back on all the things we accomplished in 2018 (opening two new hotels, thousands of cupcakes eaten by happy people) there’s one fun fact that wasn’t announced to the Staypineapple world.

Our marketing team won an award for our “Where’s Dash?” social contest!

Let’s jump in the time machine and go back to December 2017. We’re weeks away from opening Staypineapple Boston, and want to get the word out in a creative way. Our most loyal employee, Dash, raises his paw and says, “I’ll do it! I’ll go to Boston and lead our social community on a mystery adventure through the city.”

Good to his word, Dash hopped on a flight, and five hours later touched down in crisp Boston. Using Staypineapple Boston in the South End as homebase, he set out to explore the city’s historic and popular sights, creating little questions and mysteries along the way.  

Back in Seattle, he pieced together all their photos to form the step-by-step quiz that would make up the social contest, and eventually awarded airfare and a two-night stay to a random selected participant who answered all seven clues correctly.

The contest started on February 21st across all of our social channels, and ran for a total of seven exciting days. We received over 3,000 guesses, most of which were right, and some that made us wonder if we should build a hotel in some other great cities (Nashville, Miami, Austin? Hmmm).

When all was settled, we’d had a great time and discovered that our community was just as excited about a new pineapple in Boston as we were.

Not long after, we found out the HSMAI Adrian Awards, the top marketing accolade given in the hospitality industry, recognized our passion and fun we had during the contest. Our “Where’s Dash?” contest took home silver in the digital marketing - social media category!

We’re over the moon about it still, and Dash hasn’t stopped barking since he found out. This doesn’t mean we’re going to sit back and watch the show from the bench next year though. After all, Dash went to New York to learn some fun facts before we announced our new pineapple in Midtown Manhattan, and then there’s the always popular Pineapple Pup Costume Contest.

Simply put, next year, we’re going for gold!

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